Vienna composed of 23 districts (merely the subdivisions of the city administration) is both a city and a state province of the Republic of Austria. The city being one of the nine states of Austria is the capital of the country. With a population of 1.

    Vienna composed of 23 districts (merely the subdivisions of the city administration) is both a city and a state province of the Republic of Austria. The city being one of the nine states of Austria is the capital of the country. With a population of 1.7 million, Vienna is the biggest city in the country. Located at the north east of the landlocked country in the Central Europe, It is the political, cultural and economic center of the country. Arts, culture, history, nature, pleasure, recreation, relaxation, sports and whatever you want, the city is plentiful with regard to presenting unlimited alternatives to your interest. You will see many architectural and cultural showpieces from Habsburg Dynasty (Vienna was the city of Habsburg Empire between 14 and 16 centuries), museums, imperial structures, modern architectures and many green sights.

    Vienna International Airport is located just outside the city limits of Vienna, and a few miles southeast of the suburb of Schwechat. There are numerous companies offering airport transportation. S-Bahn suburban trains run on the S7 line to Vienna. These provide the cheapest and most convenient connection to the city centre. Cab fare is not set, so agree before getting in; to anywhere for €35-€40. Vienna has a well-developed public transport network. Buses, trains, trams and underground lines will take you almost anywhere in the city in no time at all. Tickets are available at ticket machines at most underground stations or at points of advance sale. Tobacconists also sell tickets. Apart from single tickets there are passes for longer periods of time. Passes are available for 24 hours and 72 hours, or as weekly, monthly or annual passes.

    Vienna offers a complete range of hotels. Most accommodations are centrally located. Some of the more famous and luxurious accomodations include the Hotel Europa, Radisson SAS Palais Hotel, Grand Hotel Wien, Intercontinental Wien, Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna, Hotel Sacher Wien, Hotel Imperial Vienna, Park Hyatt Vienna, The Ritz-Carlton Vienna, Hotel Sans Souci Wien and Le Meridien Vienna. Mid-class hotels like the Boutique Hotel Stadthalle, Das Capri, Austria Classic Hotel Wien, Hotel Kugel, Hotel Austria, 25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier, Kaerntnerhof, Hotel Schwalbe, Pension Wild, Pension Nossek, Pension Sacher and Alma Boutique-Hotel are good choices. If you are looking for more slightly more budget-friendly lodging you can try Avis Hotel, Hostel Ruthensteiner, Westend City Hostel, Wombat's The Base and Alibi Hostel.

    IMPERIAL VIENNA: Schloss Schonbrunn Baroque at Hietzig was the former accommodation place of imperial family in summer. It is one of the best works of Habsburg and one of the best attractions of the city, containing a charming park, the Palm House, a zoo and the Gloriette. This palace is in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List because of its unprecedented furnishings, splendid architecture and historical importance. Sisi Museum at Hofburg exhibits the imperial periods via the life of Empress Elisabeth. The museum placed at the Imperial Apartments of the Imperial Palace reflects the myth and the facts. We can count many more examples of the imperial facet of the city from St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Stephansdom Gothic to Belvedere. MODERN VIENNA: The MuseumsQuartier (MQ) near the Imperial Palace stands as one of the ten largest quarters all over the world. MQ rising on an area of 640.000 square feet captures attention through art fields and structures, renowned museums, entertainment places, the presences of 21st century and baroque buildings. The Danube City between Danube and UN City is the reflection of the post-modern world. With its modern aesthetics and architecture, you will step from the historical respects of Vienna into the tomorrow facet of it. GREEN VIENNA: The fresh green from the nature creates Vienna. An additional city harboring as much natural sights as Vienna is not existed in the world. Half of the city's area, even the city center, is composed of green spaces. One third of the urban area falls out as conservation areas, protected fields and other spaces under protection. A great range of parks, gardens, flowers, meadows, and other green and natural areas are existed in the city. Schonbrunn Palace Park, Belvedere Palace Gardens, Donau Auen National Park and unlimited more places transform the city into a natural heaven. You should live this city if you did not lose your lively aspect.

    Vienna's markets housing a great range of shops are the soul of city districts. Naschmarkt at the 6thdistrict, Karmelitermarkt near Schwedenplatz and Brunnenmarkt close to the city center are the main sources of this reality. Among these markets, Naschmarkt offers infinite kinds of foods and drinks. All sorts of fruit, meat, vegetables, wines, spices, cheeses, olives, international specialties, kebab and more are existed in the market. Flohmarkt at the 1st district harbors Viennese fleas selling antiques. A huge portion of the population of the city is gathered here. Flohmarkt is one of the best flea markets of Europe. You should not miss this special place. Most of the streets at the center teem with shops offering a great range of alternatives. To mention one, but a lot more, Mariahilfer Strasse is the largest shopping street in the city. The shops placed at this street mostly sell literally everything. Altman and Kuhne at the 1st district, Dorotheum at the 2nd district, Teuchtler at the 6th district, Osterreichische Werkstatten at the 1st district and a great deal of more shopping centers are existed within the borders of this favourite spot of the shoppers.

    Vienna has a versatile culture. 50 theaters, 4 opera houses, two stages for performing arts, countless music and dance festivals are the sign of rich and dynamic culture of the city. Vienna is world wide famous for its music facet. While classical music has a great run, rock, pop, jazz and many other genres are pervasive. Vienna State Opera, the City of Vienna Concert Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Film Festival (in summer) and a lot more present a cultural feast to you. The clemency and abundance of the Mother Nature, the fun and enthusiasm of nightlife of the city will offer you limitless alternatives to enjoy yourself. The existence of sports activities such as running, skating, swimming, biking, surfing, golf and tennis make the city a sports center. A great deal of cafes, bars and other entertainment locations are at your service all times. Vienna is famous for its wine vineyards. Lobau as the landscape of Denube water meadows at the east of Vienna, Old Denube, Denube Island, Vienna Woods at the west of Vienna present unprecedented natural and water experiences. Impossible to count, the infinite number of the entertainment and amusement places will faze you.




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