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    Those looking for luxury entwined with nature, look no further!

    It is impossible to experience the beauty of nature without disconnecting or breaking from the luxuries of modern life. Let’s discover the different alternatives to luxury in nature escapes.

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    Yazar ekibimiz tarafından yönetilen bu hesapla, seyahat tutkunları ve keşif meraklılarının keyif alacağı blog içerikleri üretiyoruz. Özenle hazırladığımız içeriklerimiz aracılığıyla ilham vermeyi, bilgilendirmeyi, heyecanlandırmayı, eğlendirmeyi ve küçük ipuçları ile yolculuğunuzu kolaylaştırmayı amaçlıyoruz. Aynı zamanda yola çıkmanın yenileyici ve özgürleştiriciliğini sizlere tekrar hatırlatmak istiyoruz. Çünkü Tolstoy'un dediği gibi: “Tüm muhteşem hikayeler iki şekilde başlar; Ya bir insan bir yolculuğa çıkar ya da şehre bir yabancı gelir...”

    1. Immerse yourself in nature hotels!

    Hotels infused with nature may be your first option for a quiet and relaxing holiday. However, we recommend that you take extra special care to choose a hotel that is fully integrated into its natural surroundings and all that entails. You can find many such hotels in Turkey, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Thailand, and Indonesia. The kind of hotels that are entirely immersed in nature, in the middle of a lush forest or a bay surrounded by the sea. Are the hotels made of volcanic rock, or do you reckon they’re made of special trees? Not only are these hotels in complete harmony with nature, but some additionally provide hiking opportunities, meditation classes, and yoga sessions. Some even have kitchens integrated into the natural surroundings. Book now and discover hotels infused in nature.

    2. Try luxury camping!

    Camping is the next best alternative for those seeking a city escape, but camping is not always as enjoyable as it is depicted. It requires a lot of preparation, gear, and basic survival techniques. The terms glamorous and camping have been combined to describe a new and improved form of camping, glamping! Take a deep sigh of relief, camping skeptics. Glamping is given its name for the luxury tents and establishments. Many of these luxury tents are designed specially by designers and are well-equipped with everything you need. Additionally, glamping establishments have top-notch facilities. A rising number of glamping facilities are being opened across the globe as the interest and demand for glamping increases. Turkey, America, France, South Africa, Spain, Morocco, Croatia, and Thailand are among the most popular glamping destinations. The top spots being California, Utah, New York and Montana in America; Bozcaada, Marmaris, Bozburun, Kabak Village, Fethiye in Turkey; The Ram Valley at Jordan; Merzouga in Morroco and Biograd and Moru in Croatia. Find out more about the world’s best glamping places here.

    3. Stay in a glasshouse and feel at one with nature!

    The number of people seeking luxury in nature is on the rise. The call to nature that many are experiencing is visible in all the latest rising trends. Luckily, a new phenomenon has arrived, glasshouses! Glasshouses and glamping have forged a new luxury way for us to immerse ourselves in nature. These glasshouses, created for nature lovers to enjoy a luxury holiday without giving up their comforts, leave only a wall between you and the wild wilderness. In these highly modern furnished glasshouses with unique views, you can enjoy every state of Nature’s beauty, day or night, no matter what the season. There are a variety of destinations in which to experience the glasshouse trend, but the glasshouses in New Zealand stand out.

    4. Gaze in wonder at the sky!

    Ever imagined what it would be like to drift off to sleep while gazing up at a canopy of stars then waking up to a glorious sunrise? How about in luxury facilities? You’re in luck. Igloos are the new exciting choice of accommodation in recent years. Igloos originate from Eskimos and are originally made of ice. Yet igloos of today are a bit different, they are made from a special glass. This glass is crucial in keeping you warm in the winter. Amid nature, usually within a forest, these igloos look like glowing orbs or lanterns that illuminate their surroundings. These carefully designed igloos are not the cheapest form of accommodation but the magical experience paired with the services you receive makes it all worthwhile. Finland and Norway are among the top countries for igloo accommodation. Stay in an igloo at Rovaniemi, and enjoy the incredible spectacle of the Northern Lights from your bed.

    5. Sleep on ice beds!

    If you are happy to be in a cold climate and fond of nature and luxury, then you are in for a treat. Let’s take a look at ice hotels that are rebuilt annually. Theses hotels reveal another side of nature and are usually located in some of the most beautiful, snow-covered areas of the world, such as Sweden, Canada, Finland, and Norway. Take note that every surface of these highly luxurious hotels is covered in ice, even the beds! But don’t let this frighten you. Special overalls protect and keep you warm from the average temperature of -35 degrees. At night, you can put on your snow boots and take a pleasant walk under a sky lit by thousands of stars and warm up in special saunas. Note that these hotels are usually open from December to mid-April.

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