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    The incredible canyon’s of Turkey that will make your head spin!

    Canyons are natural formations that are a result of the change of river currents and the erosion of gigantic rocks over the centuries… Let's discover the world's deepest or longest head-spinning canyons of Turkey. These breathtaking canyons, as can tell by the pictures, are not for the faint hearted. Prepare to feel the breadth and sublimity of nature in the face of these süblime canyons!

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    1. The world’s deepest and most challenging canyon to cross Valla Canyon

    Valla Canyon, which is accessed via the Kanlıçay area of the Muratpaşa village in the city of Kastamonu’s Pınarbaşı district stretches 12 kilometres toward Cide. One of the deepest and longest canyons in the world, Valla Canyon has cliffs varying between 800-1200 metres height. These incredible features draw in photograğhy, rafting and trekking enthusiasts from across the globe. Valla Canyon also boasts numerous trails for those interested in extreme mountaineering. We must emphasize that the canyon is a bit dangerous. You will need to acquire permission for every activity you embark on; Note that it is best to visit with a guide, although you can explore the canyon on your own. Discover the canyon as you train whilst learning and improving rope landing and water combat techniques. After you have made the most of your Valla Canyon adventure, make sure to explore Kastamonu, one of the most beautiful cities in the Black Sea region. To find out more about Kastamonu, take a look at our discovery guide.

    Valla Canyon, one of the deepest and most difficult canyons in the world with cliffs varying between 800-1200 meters in height, is a favorite of photography, rafting and trekking enthusiasts.

    2. Famous for rafting; Köprülü Canyon

    The miracle of the nature Köprülü Canyon is declared as a National Park in which the Köprüçay River passes. The 1 kilometre long canyon with walls that stretch up to 100 metres long is the longest canyon in Turkey. Activities you can participate in vary from section to section. The activities on offer range from rafting, nature treks, mountaineering and nature observations. If you want to sit out the action, you can find a peaceful spot and enjoy the views. There are camping sites and bungalow accommodations within the national park for those looking to stay for longer periods. Make sure to check our Antalya discovery guide before your visit.

    3. Stumble across Tazı Canyon

    Not everyone is brave enough to look down from a 200-400 cliff drop! Some daring individuals have embarked upon this enthralling journey and had the pleasure of chancing upon the Tazı Kanyon. Köprülü Kanyon’s reputation is yet to be exceeded, but nonetheless has been drawing an abundance of visitors. You can go rock climbing, take photos and camp to your heart’s content at the Tazı Kanyon. When rock-climbing watch out for sharp-edged rocky cliffs. On nature walks you may come across wild goats, rabbits, rock pigeons and eagles. Book a flight to Antalya to reach Tazı Canyon.

    You may see wild goats, rabbits, eagles and rock pigeons while trekking in the Tazı Canyon. Get your cameras ready!

    4. Famous for narrow and steep submerged areas; Saklıkent Canyon

    Saklıkent Canyon, one of Turkey’s best canyons, lies on the Muğla border within the Seydikemer district of Antalya. It also had an interesting story behind it. The Canyon was discovered by a shepherd in the 1980s. It is estimated that the canyon is the result of a geographical cracking that took place thousands of years ago, 18 kilometres in length and 200-600 metres in height depending on the region. Saklıkent is such a unique place as in some parts the rock gaps narrow up to 2 metres, making it almost impossible to view the sky from within. The first sight you are greeted by at Saklıkent Canyon is the stream. Follow the wooden boards of the iron pier to reach the pristine clean waters that will splash you along the way. Rest on the seating areas built above the canyon waters, and feast on gözleme (Turkish pancakes) and trout whilst bathing you feel in brisk ice-cold water. Or you can explore the hidden paradises within the canyon or go rafting on the exuberant waters. For an incredible adventure, book a flight to Dalaman.

    5. Where history meets nature; Arapapıştı Canyon

    The Arapapıştı Canyon (İnceğiz Canyon), was formed by the erosion of Akçay which winds off into AfyonKemer Dam. 380 metres high, 6 kilometres long, this canyon is the perfect synthesis of nature and history. The Arapapıştı Canyon boasts caves, a monastery, and ruins and rock cemeteries. Please note: for more historical adventures you can visit the ancient cities surrounding destination. Book a flight to Denizli to visit the ancient sites and Arapapıştı Canyon. Don’t forget to explore Arapapıştı by boat or canoe, accompanied by herons and cormorants. Climb the hill to enjoy the incredible views of Arapapıştı Canyon.

    Arapapıştı Canyon in Aydın is home to natural caves, monasteries, ancient ruins and rock tombs.

    6. World-leading length; Ulubey Canyon

    Ulubay Canyon, located in Uşak is one of the longest canyons in the world. It comes in second as the longest canyon in the world with a length of 77 kilometres, after the Grand Canyon in the USA. The canyon is known to have formed about 500 years with the collapse of the Büyük Menderes graben. The canyon stretched up to 140-170 metres high with a width varying from 100-500 metres. The canyon consists of a main canyon and dozen of side canyons attached. The rocks formed by wind and water erosion, the funnel-shaped karstic hills and terrace-shaped Wall structure are breathtaking to observe. Ulubey Canyon can be reached by dirt road or by foot. During certain periods, you can participate in water sports at Banaz creek or go rock climbing. If you plan on an extended exploration, stay at a bungalow in Uşak city center or close to the canyon. You can also set up a tent on the hills overlooking the canyon. Take a look at the Uşak discovery guide if you feel like exploring Uşak after discovering Ulubey Canyon.

    7. A canyon you can discover fully on foot; Saklıkapı

    Saklıkapı Canyon, which begins at the Karakaya Dam Lakeshore and runs along the 2.5 km long line between Baskil and Keban districts of Elazığ, is a Canyon that was discovered by sheer luck. Many visitors have been drawn in recent years to the height that ranges from 20-200 metres, witch karstic formations shrinking to half a meter along with the variety of different plants on display. The most distinctive feature is that the canyon can be scaled by foot. Karaleylek Canyon, within the vicinity of Saklıkapı Canyon, is a frequented place boasting steep cliffs, karstic cave formations and historical cave settlements. Reach these two canyons by booking a flight to Elazığ and view the million year old fossils on your trek.

    8. One of the best canyons in the world; Cehennem Creek

    Cehennem Creek is situated near Artvin and lies within the district of Ardanuç. It is amongst of the best canyons in the world with mountain heights of up to 500 metres, 70 metres in width and 6 metres in depth. Get ready for a challenge, as there are narrow roads and stony, steep paths ahead! There are plenty of places to explore, starting with the highlands of Artvin. Check the Artvin discovery guide.

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