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    How about making a difference on your travels?

    Why do we travel? Is it to discover new cultures and new places? Perhaps for art and culture or simply to shop. Now you can experience a type of travel that offers far more than you can imagine. Traveling responsibly makes your journey all the more valuable. Rather than don’t just standby and watch, rollup your sleeves and get in on the action.

    Wouldn’t you agree it is time to make a difference? Have you ever considered that it might be your duty? That you have the power to influence a child’s life, to save a plant or an endangered species. Read on to find out how to join in a selfless, life-changing endeavor and experience the power of giving back to earthlings in need…

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    1. Teach special South African children!

    South Africa is renowned for its canyons, mountains, sand-swept beaches, and kind-hearted locals. Hence the growing number of volunteer projects on offer. You can volunteer at a handful of beautiful cities in South Africa, such as Cape TownJohannesburg, Limpopo, Phalaborwa, Thabazimbi, Kleinbaai and Stanford. Dedicate yourself to wildlife protection projects, sea conservation projects, teach at schools for special children or work on a medical mission project. Discover the project of your choice and fly to South Africa.

    2. Volunteer in Thailand, home to a fascinating culture with a modern twist

    Located in Asia, known as “the place for beginners”, Thailand is home to an abundance of beautiful beaches and locals with beaming smiles. The ancient temples, rundown city, and exotic forests filled with incredible wildlife of Thailand makes for a volunteering paradise. The great opportunities on offer for volunteers are just as varied and exciting as the country itself. There are plenty of volunteer projects such as working on protecting the majestic elephants Chiang Mai. If you are seeking a cityscape, then take up English teaching in Bangkok. OR grab a pair of goggles and join a sea conservation project in Koh Phagan and Koh Samui. Your involvement in local community projects will not only enrichen the lives of other beings but give you a better insight into the culture of Thailand.

    3. Join in the local Costa Rican philosophy of “Pura Vida”!

    A trip to Costa Rica entails discovering mysterious rain forests, cascading waterfalls and active volcanos. While you explore the biodiversity, spectacular beaches and surf spots of Costa Rica why not experience what locals refer to as Pura Vida on your volunteering travels. Costa Rica is a world leader in sustainable tourism, famous for its sea turtle conservation projects. How about saving the monkeys hanging on tree branches in tropical rainforests or even endangered jaguars. You can also participate in community and educational projects in and around the capital city, San Jose. These projects help support the education of many children or locals.

    4. Fight for wildlife and nature in Indonesia!

    If you are looking for a vibrant city life, untouched nature and kind locals, then Indonesia is the place for you. This country, comprised of 17,500 islands, is one of the world’s most populated countries. Indonesia is inhabited by approximately 300 different ethnic groups providing a rich and illustrious culture. These various tribes live alongside one another in a peaceful, harmonious fashion surrounded by lush surroundings. Indonesia not only offers cultural diversity but rich biodiversity, as more than 60% of the country consists of rainforests. The need for environmental protection becomes evident, of course, when such a large ecological entity is involved. As a result, there is a demand for volunteer work in areas of eco-conservation and Wildlife Rescue in Indonesia. You can start by helping with the country’s famous orangutans and volunteer at an orangutan shelter. Help is also required in education, health and community building. Bali and Ubud, are popular volunteer vacation destinations.

    5. Embark on a medical mission trip in Peru!

    Peru, bearing a rich cultural background as well as lush rainforests, is the perfect holiday destination for volunteers as well as travel lovers. The unique natural diversity, vibrant colors and wonderful locals are motivation enough to want to support local, rural communities. This is your chance to become an explorer who gives back to the world! Inequality is widespread in Peru, where the poverty scale still reaches 25%, despite improvements in the economy which has been quite strong in recent years. Therefore, there is much work to be done and many volunteers are needed. The country offers a variety of local social projects to suit the different interests and abilities of each volunteer. You can also be part of teams working on the field, choosing among the various social projects on offer: volunteer work in education, human rights, community support, and others. If you have a medical history or are planning for a future in medicine, Peru is for you. Medical missions in Peru often require skilled and highly motivated volunteers. Work as a volunteer on community projects in Cusco or Lima in Peru, but you will also need to improve your Spanish skills.

    6. Europe is seeking aid on economic, political, and climate issues!

    Europe may not the first place that comes to mind when considering volunteering, but your volunteering efforts are just as necessary here as anywhere in the world. Europe has a wealth of volunteering opportunities that give you the chance to get plenty of different cultures and also allows you to develop your language skills or learn a new language. You can volunteer for many issues such as gender inequality, migration and adaptation issues, climate change and environmental degradation in political and economic life in Europe that make your travel productive with mutual benefits. For example, you can participate in projects on women’s empowerment in Ireland, take care of sick and needy horses on horse farms in Spain, or contribute to the protection of the sea in Greece and Italy. Apart from these countries, you can also participate in volunteer projects in many parts of Europe, but LisbonNaples, Edinburgh, ValenciaBarcelona are the top destinations with regular volunteer programs on offer.

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