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    A wonder of the world: Table Mountain

    I give this area the name “Under My Wings Cape Town”. I hear Lenny Kravitz and sing along in my head “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” while surrounded by the incomparable view sitting on the mountain top. I feel like a bird inside gliding with the wind and eagerly descending into the warm embrace of the warm city below.

    I want to introduce to you Table Mountain, found in South Africa’s second largest city, Cape Town,   which The Guardian and The New York Times named the ‘Top Destination for 2014’  and I learned is also the world’s ‘2014 Design Capital’.

    Table Mountain is one the Seven Wonders of the World and also the city symbol of Cape Town. The 3 km long flat-top surface of the mountain is from where it gets its name. From afar the mountain truly resembles a table! Occasionally the mountaintop is obscured by clouds and the clouds that cover the peak resemble a “table cloth”.

    The first thing that should be done when in Cape Town is to go to the top of Table Mountain to behold the view. Of course the weather conditions must be good enough to make it up. I am a bit lucky. During the time I was in Cape Town the mountain top was always visible.

    You can reach Table Mountain by taking the red tourist buses from the Waterfront. If you use the tour buses you can see the city and learn interesting things about its history. There is also a 65 person capacity aerial tram that takes you to the peak. As soon as the tram departs, people grab their cameras and telephones. Snap, snap, snap…The view is unreal! One of the characteristics of this special tram is that the cabin rotates so you can catch a 360 degree view without having to move from your spot!

    When I reached the top of the over 1000 meter tall Table Mountain, I feasted my eyes on the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful beaches below. Quite a breathtaking sight! “The top of Table Mountain is one of the most epic views in Africa” isn’t a regular saying for nothing!

    Don’t forget to bring along a hat, water, and sunscreen when going to Table Mountain. Hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing are all possibilities if you are interested in outdoor activities. On top you will also find many places to eat and/or buy gifts.

    After enjoying a coffee and taking in the view I set out again to Camps Bay. I know the photographs I took will help me to never forget the beauty of this place.

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