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    10 great items to have in your bag when you go on a holiday abroad

    So, you’ve made the final preparations for your exciting holiday abroad and now it’s time to pack! Take it from us: our 10 recommended items are amazing and useful and will not burden you. In fact, we are certain that, at some point during your holiday, you will say “I’m so glad I have this”. Who knows, maybe you’ll even send us a thank you note 😊.

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    1. Power bank

    On one common issue, we can all agree: phones lose their battery power too quickly. A phone charger is not an optional item. And when you’re traveling, you won’t always have access to an electric outlet. Therefore, a power bank is a must-have device. Bring at least one power bank, maybe even two – and keep one with you at all times!

    2. Sunscreen

    In any season, in any city, sunscreen is also a must. Even if you don’t expect to be sunbathing, and even if the weather is gloomy, you may find yourself on an unexpected and beautiful adventure. Don’t be unprepared: bring your sunscreen!

    Buying sunscreen for holiday

    3. Travel adaptor

    Since electric outlets can vary from country to country, a travel adapter is highly useful: you’ll always have a way to plug in your devices, whether they’re two-pronged, three-pronged or some other combination. Just keep in mind that an adapter is a piece of hardware merely facilitates plugging in your various devices. Make sure that your devices are dual voltage or suitable for the voltage in the country where you’re traveling before you plug them in.

    4. Vitamin supplements

    We know you’re strong and you never get sick. But don’t abandon your daily healthy routines. If you regularly take vitamins, bring them along. In fact, we don’t think it’s a bad idea to bring vitamin supplements even if you don’t take them regularly – some vitamins can raise your energy and boost your immune system. If you want to prevent potential illnesses while you’re traveling, consult with your doctor and pack some supplements in your holiday luggage.

    5. Yoga mat

    Don’t think twice! Even if you don’t practice yoga each day, being able to stretch – especially after a long trip – is incredibly helpful and relaxing. Also, a stretch on your yoga mat is great way to start each day when you’re traveling. You’ll feel more energetic, more vigorous and more joyful. If a regular yoga mat seems too bulky, check out travel-size yoga mats, which pack thinner.

    Woman doing yoga

    6. Portable speakers

    Headphones may fulfil some of your listening needs, but music is more beautiful when you share it. If you have a tiny portable speaker, you can have your own party wherever you want. Just imagine – you’re enjoying a magnificent view, and you can enhance that experience by taking out your portable speaker and pressing the ‘play’ button on your phone. We suggest you create a playlist, before your trip, for spontaneous parties. You can make it specific to your destination and also include your favorite songs – and a portable speaker lets you listen to your music in your hotel room, letting you drift into sleep as well.

    7. Book

    Let’s get this straight from the beginning: bringing a book is not some kind of crazy travel cliché. One of the items you really should have in your bag is a book. Especially if you enjoy reading in your native language, it is useful to bring a couple of books. And if you are on a tropical vacation, your best companion may be that long beach novel you’ve been meaning to read. You can read while you’re in line, while you’re waiting for your flight to board and, then, as you settle down in your comfy hotel room to sleep.  Traveling and new experiences makes one happy: having a book on holiday doubles this joy.

    Woman reading a book on a pier

    8. Hand sanitizer

    When it comes to packing, sometimes you’ll feel like you haven’t covered all your bases. To eliminate this feeling, we’ve included hand sanitizer on our list. When you leave your own region and climate – and bacteria – you want to pay a little more attention to your health. Washing your hands frequently is good but for those occasions when you don’t have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer comes to the rescue. Many illnesses are caused by unhygienic conditions, so having hand sanitizer in your bag, and using it, can reduce your chances of getting sick.

    9. Bug Repellent

    You jump on a plane to go far away and have new experiences. Perhaps mosquitoes aren’t among the creatures you expect to encounter but why not be prepared? Mosquitoes and other bugs can be a nuisance in the most idyllic situations. Keep some bug repellent on hand and you’ll have a little more peace.

    10. Camera

    We know your phone takes amazing, incredible photos. Should this prevent you from taking cameras with you? We think not. Leave the task of photography to the camera, which, let’s face it, is produced for one purpose only: to take pictures. We are not talking about the photos or stories you post to Instagram, but the fabulous pictures that will fill your photo albums.

    Woman taking a photo at the sunset

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