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    The best places to go winter camping in Turkey

    The crisp air paired with a warm beverage, snow-peaked scenic views, the sound of crunchy leaves beneath your boots… Winter camping is something else. There are plenty of campsites and destinations in Turkey suited to each season, for more information read our article on the best places to go camping in Turkey. Let's take a look at the best places to go winter camping in Turkey and a read up on a few tips to guide you on your special camping adventure.

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    1. Snowy almost all year round, Erciyes!

    Mount Erciyes, has seen increasing popularity in recent years for its Ski Resorts but also as it makes for an ideal winter camping destination. Mount Erciyes, is also a popular spot for mountaineers with a peak that soars at 3917 meters. It takes around 4-5 hours by foot to reach Çobanini Mevkisi and Sütdonduran Plateau, the most popular sports in the region. Bear in mind that you can alternatively reach this region Emerald Point by Chairlift, as you will be carrying heavy camping gear. It takes 1 hour by foot to walk from Emerald Point to the campsite. To get there, book a flight to Kayseri and park your rental car at certain parking points on the mountain range.

    2. A skiing paradise, Uludağ!

    Snowswept Uludağ is a top ski spot and a winter camping dream come true. Set up camp at nearby ski centers and enjoy the numerous winter sports on offer. Nearby camping locations close to Uludağ are the Sarıalan, Kirazlı, Kadı and Sobra plateaus. Book a flight to Bursa and reach the campgrounds via cable cars from the city center.

    3. Camp by the sea, or camp in the snow in Antalya!

    Antalya is a unique winter camping location. You have the option of pitching your tent by the sea and or setting up camp on a snow-covered mountain. Or camp in Saklikent on snow-covered mountains. Here is a list for those of you that would prefer seaside camping. If you opt for snowy Saklıkent, don’t forget to visit the TÜBITAK National Observatory in Bakırlıtepe, the highest point of the region. For those of you in Antalya, make sure to check our Antalya city guide.

    4. Kaz Mountains! (Mount Ida)

    Mount Ida, in the heart of the wilderness, is one of the most ideal places for winter camping. The region is recognized as a national park, so make sure to set up camp at certain designated camping spots. Book a flight to Balıkesir and then head straight to the mountain. A side note on Mount Ida: the mountain peak is at 1774 meters, but winters here are colder than you might expect so it is best to come prepared; Read up on our Winter Camping tips below.

    5. Camp among the fairy chimnies at Cappadocia!

    Cappadocia is a mystical kind of winter camp spot. Here you will sleep beneath fairy chimnies and wake up to colorful balloons drifting across the sky. There is so much to discover in Cappadocia; Check our detailed series of articles and explore the endless possibilities of must-see places, things to do, fine delicacies and the best places to photograph in Cappadocia.

    6. Camping and mountain climbing at Aladağlar!

    Aladağlar is an expansive area situated within the borders of Niğde, Kayseri, and Adana. The large variety of climbing routes, hiking routes that vary in difficulty, rock structures, and camping areas has gained Aladağlar popularity as a camping spot. Additionally, with 50 peaks over 3500 meters high, Aladağlar is known as a mountaineering paradise and a famous haunt of local and foreign tourists. To get there, go to Nevşehir or Kayseri and then to Demirkazık or Çukurbağ village via Çamardı. From here you can reach the campsites by foot or rent a tractor. For an unforgettable camping experience, book a flight to Nevşehir or book a flight to Kayseri!

    7. Sleep under the snowswept canopy of Ilgaz!

    Ilgaz draws in campers, climbers, and skiers from across the globe. Mount Ilgaz, is situated within the Mount Ilgaz National Park. Take in the magnificent nature and breathe in the immaculate, pristine air as you camp under the snow-covered Göknar, Sarıçam, and Larch trees of Ilgaz, located within the borders of Çankırı and Kastamonu province. You can reach the city by booking a flight to Kastamonu. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Ilgaz from Kastamonu.

    8. Camping intertwined with city life at Mount Işık!

    Mount Işık, is a popular camping spot for camping enthusiasts living in Ankara as it located close to the center of Ankara. As all camp lovers know, Karagöl is a must-see lake. At Mount Işık you get to experience the joy of camping on a mountain whilst not being too far from city life. Check our Ankara city guide and discover the city before exploring Mount Işık.

    9. Camping and restoration at a thermal spa all in one at Mount Murat!

    Mount Murat, located in the Gediz district of Kütahya, is renowned for its delightful campsites. Opt for the Sarıçiçek Plateau that has an average altitude of 2000 meters. Rest and warm up at the thermal centers, best enjoyed after a brisk walk in the snow. The snowfall is heaviest between January and March. Book a flight to Kütahya, head to the city center of the Gediz district and then follow Mount Murat.

    Winter camping tips!

    • Take your 4 or 5 seasons mountaineering tents and remember to pack the base of the tent.
    • Pack matches, lighters, dry wood, and kindling.
    • Don’t forget the tent heater!
    • Make sure to buy a comfortable sleeping bag.
    • Wear waterproof clothing that provides insulation.
    • Pack thermal underwear, socks, a beanie, a scarf, and a blanket.
    • Eating high-calorie foods will increase your body resistance to cold weather.
    • If you are winter camping in a snowy place, try to obtain drinking water from the snow.
    • Keep batteries electronic devices in a warm place.

    We can carry all those items listed above to wherever you are flying, so leave your winter camping gear to us. We take care of the most part so that you can focus on the finer details; Here you can find a detailed list of other camping items will require on your camping adventure.

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