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    The cities we have operated the most flights to in 2019!

    We are proud of being an airline that flies to the most countries in the world with a network that spans 126 countries and 316 cities. Turkish Airlines continues to be a pioneer, and we share with you the list of places we have flown most in 2019 in this article.

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    1. Flying in the name of love

    Statistics show that the number of couples looking for a romantic getaway is on the rise. Paris is high up on the list of top most flown to destinations of 2019. Start planning for 2020 or book now and indulge in a romantic picnic under the Eiffel Tower and see famous works of art in the Louvre Museum. Paris is an annual pick, so make sure to check our Paris city guide to discover how you can make the most of the city on your up and coming holiday.

    2. Fashion and design win!

    Milan was one of the flight destinations most flown to in 2019. There is a certain reason that we fly to Milan often: Not only is Milan renowned in the fashion world and design scene, but it has also become Italy’s tourism center. Piazza del Duomo Square, Corso Como Street, the Brera Quarter and the Duomo Cathedral, and an abundance of artistic activities draws in millions of visitors all year round. You can find out you need to know about the things to do and places to visit in Milan, by checking our Milan city guide.

    3. Plenty of arts and culture

    One of the most important capitals of culture and art, London is another city on our list. With the multitude of events, museums, historic buildings, and exhibitions to explore is it no wonder, and we have the pleasure of delivering you to the doorstep. Book a flight to London and discover some of London’s most famous museums and historic monuments, such as the Victoria&Albert Museum, British Museum, Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern, Big Ben, and Westminster Palace. For more information check the city guide.

    4. Freedom in Amsterdam!

    Many of our passengers embarked on a journey to Amsterdam in 2019 with Turkish Airlines. One of Europe’s most culturally rich cities, with a strong ambiance of harmony and freedom. Plan your trip by viewing our Amsterdam city guide and fly with us to Amsterdam.

    5. Germany is the most popular choice in 2019

    FrankfurtDusseldorfMunich, and Berlin in Germany are among our most popular flight destinations in 2019. Germany, along with these four cities, has always embraced those that come whether for both business or pleasure.

    6. Magnificent all year round!

    Cyprus offers up something new to discover all year round. The magnificent nature and atmosphere of Cyprus will keep you coming back for more. This year we have delivered thousands of you on countless flights to some of the most beautiful parts of Cyprus, like Lefkosa, Kyrenia, and Famagusta. By booking a flight to Lefkosa you can explore the historic buildings, enjoy the azure sea and the sweeping golden sands of Kyrenia.

    7. Baku is full of surprises

    Baku has become an important city of commerce, industry, and culture in Azerbaijan, and is drawing in increasing numbers of visitors in light of developments in recent years. People are frequently more eager to explore Baku as the year’s pass, thus we have seen an increase in the number of flights there. Check our city guide to explore the new face of Baku.

    8. History, sea, sand, sun and delicious cuisine in Barcelona

    It will come as no surprise that Barcelona is one of our top-flight destinations. Home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, and well preserved Gothic architecture most beautifully illuminated in spring and autumn. Book a flight to Barcelona to visit historic sites such as the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, to feast on Spanish cuisine, especially tapas at Mercat de la Bohemia, and to shop at La Rambla. Make sure to explore the beautiful beaches of Barcelona and nearby places in the Summer.

    9. The world’s most cultivated city, Vienna

    Tourists’ interest in Vienna has been growing in recent years. That is because Vienna is known as one of the best cities in which to live with high-quality living standards for many people in terms of political, social, economic, educational and environmental conditions, as well as to view the magnificent monuments and participate in cultural activities. Check our Vienna city guide to discover the main places and cuisine to discover in this beautiful city.

    10. The faith tourism favorite

    Umrah, Hajj, and Jeddah have been frequenting our top destinations lists in recent years due to an increase in visitors and to proximity to the famous faith tourism center, Mecca. To find out more about Jeddah, a synthesis of history and modern sophistication, check our city guide.

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