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    The Bodrum Peninsula’s most serene bays!

    Let Bodrum surprise you this summer! Let go of any preconceived ideas and discover the calm that awaits in this popular seaside destination.

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    While many know Bodrum as a vibrant resort town with lively cafes and clubs, there’s another side to the Bodrum Peninsula – a side that will appeal to anyone seeking a more secluded holiday. Read on and discover the region’s quietest and calmest bays. Bonus: these areas are easily reachable, and many within 20 kilometers of the town of Bodrum.

    Iassos & Kıyıkışlacık

    Just outside the village of Kıyıkışlacık is the ancient city of Iassos, dating from 3000 BC. And, steps away, is the shore of a pristine bay. Set in the northern part of the Bodrum Peninsula and the furthest point of Güllük Gulf, this area is relatively untouched, with just a few pensions and local businesses.

    Kıyıkışlacık Village in Bodrum


    Apostol Island, at the northernmost end of the Bodrum Peninsula, is also known as Little Rabbit Island. Accessible only by boat, the island features St. Apostol Church, on a foothill facing south at its highest point. Surrounded by three bays –  İncirlipınar, Hebil, and Küçük Bük – this is an ideal place for a leisurely swim amid peaceful nature.

    A yacht on the sea

    İncirlipınar Bay

    We believe that İncirlipınar Bay is one of the most beautiful in the region. Adjacent to Hebil Bay, İncirlipınar feels serene and empty, even though there are cafes and local businesses. However, the shores of both bays offer secluded areas.

    A Bodrum bay

    Cennet Bay

    Cennet Bay, 20 km from Bodrum, offers turquoise waters and pine forests. Just tag along with the fish and enjoy nature. It’s close enough to reach nearby Türkbükü, but far enough so that it’s relatively uncrowded most of the time.  But bring your own refreshments – there are no shops – and don’t forget to retrieve any garbage when you leave.

    Cennet bay


    Next to the Gökova Gulf, Mazı has gorgeous bays, like Sedef and Ilgın, and century-old trees. Enjoy a swim, relax in the shade, and take a stroll along the special tracks in the Akarca- Çakıllıyalı (Taşlıyalı), İnceyalı and Hurma bays.

    Mazı Bay, Bodrum

    Bağla Bay

    At 14 km from Bodrum, Bağla Bay is set between Ortakent, Yahşi and Akyarlar. Campsites are available, so the Bay is popular among outdoorsy types. Whether you come with a tent or just for the day, the blue waters and surrounding nature are not to be missed.

    a bağla bay bodrum

    Fener Island

    Fener Island, 20 km away from Bodrum, is named after the Lighthouse of Hüseyin Cape at the northern end of the coast. Featuring one of the region’s widest beaches, the island is known for surfing, particularly between May and October.

    Surfing and boat view in Akyarlar, Bodrum


    Another calm bay ringed by lush pines is Karaada. In addition to sea and nature, there’s a cave with geothermal waters and mud that are allegedly beneficial for skin health.

    Karaada Island in Bodrum


    Adaboğazı, also known as Akvaryum Bay, is between Gümbet and Bitez. Previously accessible only by boat, now a road runs to the Bay from Bitez. Swim in the clearest turquoise waters, with visibility to the sea bottom, 20 meters down!

    Adaboğazı in Bodrum

    While Bodrum is renowned for its nightlife, dining and lively beaches, there’s another side to the stunning Bodrum Peninsula. Enjoy a socially distanced break along lovely bays surrounded by nature – and not too many people.

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