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    The perfect island holiday: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    Because of the clean seas of almost every region, you can safely swim in various destinations around Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Five-star hotels are located especially in Kyrenia, the coastal town of the island. We have listed the places to visit in the island and beaches for you.

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    Where is Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?

    An island in the Mediterranean, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the third largest island following Sardinia and Sicily. Located at the Mediterranean, south of Turkey, the capital of the island is Lefkosa. Direct transportation from Turkey to the island is carried out through Ercan International Airport. Upon arrival at the airport, you can travel to the region as you wish by renting a car. There are ferry services for Kyrenia and Famagusta from Mersin, Taşucu and Alanya ports.

    Places to visit in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    The landmarks of the island in the capital, Lefkosa, which especially stands out with its historic atmosphere, are Arab Ahmet district, Lokmacılar Bazaar, the Great Caravanserai, Surlariçi, Venetian Column, Kyrenia Gate and Selimiye Mosque. In Kyrenia famous for the beaches, other places to visit include Kyrenia Marina, Kyrenia Castle, Bellapais Monastery, St. Hillarion Castle, Karmi Village. Ancient city of Soli, Vouni Palace and St. Mamas Church, and Güzelyurt are the other attractive locations in the island. Othello Castle, Venice Royal Palace, St. Francis Monastery and Church, St. Nicholas Cathedral (Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque), Salamis Ruins and Gazimağusa is almost like an open air museum.

    Cuisine of the island

    Under the influence of many cultures throughout the history, the island also felt these influences in its kitchen. Peach Kebab, Pilavuna, Nor Pastry and Halloumi Fries made with goat’s cheese are among the famous tastes.

    Altınkum Coasts / Karpaz

    The Altınkum Coast is located on the Karpuz Peninsula and attracts attention with its shining sand and clear sea. The region is also the breeding ground for Caretta Caretta and Chelonia Mydas sea turtles.

    Yeşilırmak, Lefkosa

    Yeşilırmak Bay, appearing on the Guinness Records Book with grapevine grown here, is an attraction center of holidaymakers through its green spaces and clear waters.

    Yavuz Çıkarma Beach, Kyrenia

    Being one of the famous beaches of Kyrenia, Yavuz Çıkarma Beach also offers the opportunity to make water sports in addition to swimming.

    Alagadi Beach, Kyrenia

    Another beach, which is one of the spawning areas of Caretta Carettas, is Alagadi Beach in the Esentepe district of Kyrenia. You can enjoy the blue sea and nature on the beach with an untouched nature thanks to this feature.

    Camelot, Kyrenia

    This horseshoe-shaped bay draws attention with its rich sea life. When you visit this region suitable for those interested in diving sport, remember to have your diving equipment with you.

    Bediz Beach / Gazimagusa

    The sea of Bediz Beach that you encounter at the end of the ruins of Salamis and attracts attention with its azure sea and bright yellow is a bit cooler than other places.

    Glapsides / Gazimagusa

    Particularly preferred by the local people, Galpsides is close to Famagusta region. This beach, which is also preferred by families with children due to its shallow sea, is also quite suitable for those who want to camp. Do not forget to take your camping gear before coming to Glapsides.

    You can purchase a Lefkosa flight ticket for a wonderful holiday in which you can enjoy the clearest seas and golden beaches.

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