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    Yes, it is possible to take a family vacation during the pandemic!

    Our lives have been altered by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the way we travel is no exception. Especially for families with children, the stakes feel much higher. Yet, a family vacation is still possible (in countries where travel is permitted, of course). Keep reading and discover useful tips and suggestions for a family holiday during the time of coronavirus.

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    Organizing a family vacation already requires research: a family holiday during a pandemic will require additional planning. But for those willing to put in the work, it is possible. 

    Keep reading and discover useful tips and suggestions for a family holiday during the time of coronavirus.

    Holiday during the pandemic

    As of the date of this blog, the coronavirus pandemic has dominated our lives for more than seven months. We have adapted to many changes and many challenges in every area of our lives and we call this the ‘new normal’.  We do not know how long this situation will continue, so we make every effort to minimize our own risks and the risks to our loved ones. 

    Most of us now prioritize safety measures such as social distancing and hand washing. Yet, even as we attempt to reduce our risks, we can still take a vacation, provided we adhere to certain guidelines. Please see Is a socially distanced holiday possible? for more information. If the mere idea of going on a vacation produces anxiety, then it is probably wiser not to take that holiday. But, if we are willing to abide by directives from international and national health organizations, the risks of taking a holiday can be considerably reduced. Yes, fun is still possible.  For further information about holidays during the pandemic, please see the new normal holiday. In this category, we provide tips on how to determine which destinations have fewer Covid-19 cases, as well as coronavirus travel-related suggestions and tips.

    Planning a family vacation can be challenging, because parents want to ensure that their children will enjoy memorable experiences.
    A family loading the trunk of the car

    Holiday during the pandemic: what to consider

    Hygiene and social distance guidelines are two main factors to consider. Tips on integrating these priorities into holiday planning and preparation are covered in detail in the blog entries listed below. In particular, the blogs on Turkey’s pandemic response as related to tourism provide valuable information.   

    Here are.

    Hygiene on vacation

    What should you do for travel health at the airport and on plane?

    Pandemic-related health processes for hotels and other accommodation venues in Turkey

    Pandemic-related hygiene processes for restaurants, cafes and bars in Turkey

    If a family camping trip seems daunting, try glamping – and experience camping with hotel-style amenities!
    A woman preparing luggage during the pandemic

    The most sensible holiday options

    Camping is a great option for a socially distanced holiday. Sports-focused holidays can also be solid options. Consider testing your mettle on the 7 best bike tours in Turkey or enjoy a relaxing nature holiday with the Top 9 trekking routes in Turkey. Have a different type of socially distanced holiday at one of 5 secluded retreats in the Aegean or one of the enchanting plateaus of the Black Sea

    We do recommend reviewing the number of Covid-19 cases in whichever destination you select.

    A wide range of accommodation options are available, including boutique hotels, caravans, bungalows, villa rentals, and campsites and glampsites.

    Another suggestion is to load up a camera and explore some of Turkey’s most quiet and secluded areas for a relaxed photography holiday.

    Attractive glamping tents in a forest.

    Options for a family vacation during the pandemic

    During the pandemic, certain places and holiday types are preferable. It is easier to follow social distance guidelines while camping, for instance. Browse our Camping category for suggestions.

    Glamping is a more luxurious option. Offering the amenities of a hotel and a camping-style experience, glamping involves a tent, but one that usually includes a bathroom, electricity and other amenities. For more information, please see the best glamping areas in Turkey. 

    A caravan holiday is also an option for family vacations and has become popular in Europe and the United States. Since you’re driving, there’s even more flexibility. Plan a route in the Aegean-Mediterranean so the entire family can experience history, swimming, camping and nature.

    Another holiday that provides both social distance and greater control over hygiene is renting a private villa in a beautiful area close to the sea or to nature.

    During a pandemic, holiday planning must take social distance guidelines into consideration. Camping is an excellent solution!

    Review the options and select the type of vacation that best suits you and your family – and have a wonderful and safe holiday this autumn!

     A family walking along a riverside

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