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    The 7 best bike tours in Turkey!

    What may seem difficult at first will be all the worthwhile. That is what cycling is all about. What can be more enjoyable than using your strength to cycle through new exciting lands? What you discover on the way is priceless. We have compiled a list of incredible trails; Feel the wind in your hair accompanied by the sounds of birds, herds of sheep and pretty wildflowers along the way. We are there every step of the way! As we are always here to carry your bike wherever you go. If you're ready, let's take a look at the tours awaiting you.

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    1. An ancient adventure in the Phrygian Valley

    The Phrygian Valley, which covers a vast area across the provinces of Afyon, Ankara, Eskişehir, and Kütahya, is one of the best cycling routes in Turkey. Shaped by deep valleys, this mountainous area is ideal for professional cyclists. You can try plenty of different routes in a total of 529,632 areas! Fairy chimneys, churches, rock tombs, caves, frescoes, the Memeç Cliffs, Aslankaya Monument, Aizonai Ancient City, Çavdarhisar, Yazilikaya, Solon Tomb Monument, Midas Monument, and Attis Temple are among the places you should see on your adventure. Make sure that all your equipment, including your bicycle, is suitable for the Phrygian Valley trails which are mostly asphalt, soil and sand roads.

    Fly to Eskişehir

    During your bike tour to the Phrygian Valley, you can see the Memec Rocks, Aslankaya Monument and the Aizonai Ancient City. You’ll also view Cavdarhisar, the Yazilikaya, the Solon Mausoleum, the Midas Monument and Attis Temple!
    Explore the lands where King Midas lived

    2. Unforgettable views of Cappadocia

    Cappadocia is as vast as the Phrygian Valley. Of course, balloon tours are not the only activities you can do in the city. Embark on a journey on limitless roads, which stretch into the horizon. Cappadocia has unique trails, especially when it comes to trekking and cycling. Experience the mystical spirit of the city for miles-long routes and cycle between valleys such as Kızılçukur, Güvercinlik, Paşabağı, Zelve, Devrent, Meskendir, in the shade of the fairy chimneys. Note that there are some large ramps on the trails.

    Fly to Kayseri

    Discover the mysteries of Cappadocia

    3. Towards the Lycian Way in the Heart of Nature

    One of the most beautiful trekking trails in Turkey, the Lycian Way is also ideal for bicycle lovers. On this 535-kilometer tour that runs from Fethiye to Antalya, we recommend that you choose the most suitable trail for you and your equipment. Discover Dalyan, Gocek, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, Demre, Finike, Kumluca, Olympos, Adrasan, Kemer, Antalya, Korkuteli, Çameli, Fethiye, and Köyceğiz along the Lycian Way, where historical sights and the azure, tones of nature are abundant.

    Fly to Antalya

    The 535 kilometers long Lycian Way

    4. A nature tour in Yenice Forests

    The Yenice forests are the ideal cycling tour for cyclists looking to immerse themselves in quiet, calm natural surroundings. In the forests of Yenice forests, pass the hornbeam, yew, and beech trees as you spin down the dirt roads and rest by the pond. The Yenice forests are also a great place to camp; Darıyazisi, Şekermeşe, Sorgun Plateau and Eğriova Pond are the best camping places in the region.

    Fly to Kastamonu

    Yenice Forest is perfect for taking a break alongside a pond. Move on to the unpaved road, lined by conifers and hornbeam and beech trees!
    4. Immerse yourself in nature

    5. Indispensable for mountain bikers, Hittite Path

    The Hittite Way tour spans the areas filled with ruins of Hattuşa and Alacahöyük and is a popular trail for mountain biking enthusiasts who enjoy cycling in historic areas. The route, which runs through the old caravan and migration routes, is a total of 385km long including alternative routes, and six different mountain bike routes; The total length of these routes is around 406 kilometers. Don’t forget to stop and see the mythological figures on some of the more challenging trails. The Hittite Way also has camping spots, such as the Yenice forests. Çatak, Soğucak, Evci and Kizilhamza regions also have camping spots.

    Fly to Amasya

    The Hittite Trail route, covering the areas of the Hattusa and Alacahoyuk ruins, is the first stop for mountain bikers seeking historical monuments along with nature.
    Cycle past historical ruins

    6. Lake Van for those who love challenging tracks

    Lake Van has a route exceeding a total of 400 kilometers, with straight and other times bumpy roads, so come prepared. You can complete the entire lake in a week with an average of 50 kilometers cycling per day. On the tour, you also get to see important spots such as Akdamar Island, Aygır Lake, Balık Bendi, and Van Castle. If you wish, you can visit the Ahlat and Adilcevaz districts of Bitlis and the Erciş, Muradiye, Central, Edremit, and Gevaş districts of Van by bike.

    Fly to Van

    Lake Van for challenging trails

    7. Gokova for those who want to feel the sea and the wind

    Start from Marmaris, continue to Ula and then onto Akyaka. You can also catch the ferry to Bodrum via Datça. There is also a 70 km long bike tour from Bodrum to Ören. Çökertme and theMazı slope are more challenging spots on the trail. If you decide to explore this trail during the summer, you can take a break and swim in the sea when you get tired.

    Fly to Muğla-Dalaman

    A scenic tour with sea views

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