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    5 reasons why you should travel in december, and the best places to discover!

    Traveling in Winter may seem like a bit of a chore, but it is worth remembering that each season has its specialties. All you need to do is hit the road.

    There are so many beautiful places to explore and not just for snow and winter... If you are looking to escape the cold of winter why not fast forward to summer. How? Find out now.

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    1. Sea, sand sun!

    There are many summer alternatives to enjoy during the winter. In the warmer climates of the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Cuba you can go on a city tour or relax on the beach in December. Check our city guides on BangkokPhuketHavanaDubai, and Abu Dhabi to sketch up a good travel plan. If you feel like exploring an island, strolling on spectacular beaches and swimming in pristine seawaters then the Maldives, Thailand, Seychelles, and the Philippines are for you. Before traveling to these beautiful islands, make sure to read our list first.

    2. Mystical places!

    How about reveling in mystical locations in December? In Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations in history, you will be spoilt for choice. Cairo is the economic, cultural and political center of the country. Where Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its beaches. Then there is Luxor, an open-air museum set on the banks of the Nile River. India is another impressive, atmospheric destination. There you can explore New Delhi or the Pink City of Jaipur, which is home to a vibrant ambiance and a unique culture. Why not take a winter day summer holiday in the mystical setting of Goa, famous for its pristine white beaches and sea.

    3. Snow, winter!

    Why not head to colder climates and make the most of the winter in December. Discover Denmark, Finland and Norway, where the cold crisp winter air is enjoyable and refreshing. In these countries, you can explore fjords, watch the Northern Lights and stay in ice hotels or igloos. To experience all these enjoyable activities and more, please check out our exclusive OsloTromsoCopenhagenHelsinki and Rovaniemi city guides. In addition to this great selection of places to visit, Ukraine is also ideal for a pleasant winter escape. Book flights to Ukraine’s most beautiful cities and take part in winter sports at ski resorts. Then hit the thermal center and refresh in the brisk cold weather whilst bathing in and 40-degree warm waters. The cities Lviv or Kiev are ideal for such pleasant holiday moments.

    4. Skiing!

    Skiing is always a motivating reason to travel in December. You can ski on the world’s most beautiful pistes, accompanied by spectacular views, and stay at the best facilities. Switzerland, France, Austria, Bulgaria, and Turkey are among the top destinations you can opt for a ski holiday. Book a flight to Zurich or book a flight to Geneva to reach Zermatt, Chamonix or Courchevel; Book a flight to Salzburg to reach Tirol or Innsbruck; or Book a flight to Sofia to reach Bansko for an unforgettable skiing holiday. Turkey has a wealth of skiing centers, you can read all about them here.

    5. New Year!

    Christmas makes December all the more special, and what better place to celebrate Christmas than in Europe? Every city on the continent has special Christmas preparations during December. In LondonParisPragueBerlinBrusselsStrasbourg or Budapest, you can wander the streets decorated with colorful twinkling lights and breathe the cinnamon and ginger aromas as you shop at the New Year markets. Don’t forget to read our piece on European cities in which to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

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