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    9 Relaxing Yoga moves you can practice in the plane during long-haul flights

    Are you a frequent flyer? Early or late flights, long-haul flights and heavy bags can put a lot of pressure on the spine, neck, and shoulders. At the same time, this can also gnaw at your energy and lust. Oktay Derici, our cabin chief who is responsible for our flight crews, is an experienced yoga instructor who has dedicated his life to yoga. He did not refuse our request and showed us a few simple and comfortable moves that can be done without disturbing anyone on the plane.

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    Did you know that, with a few simple moves, you can release the tension in your heart, hands, arms, back, and even your entire spine? With a few breathing and stretching moves, you can reduce the effects of your fear of flying on your body and deal with ailments like panic attacks. With all these moves, you will have a comfortable flight with a relaxation that extends from the waist to the spine.

    Get ready! The joy of flying awaits you above the clouds, where balance, strength and peace are combined with patience. Enjoy your flight!

    1. Namaste!


    You can start and finish yoga on the plane as usual with the greeting word. With Namaste, the word of greeting you can think of your wishes and desires. Grasp your beautiful thoughts and feelings and focus on a physical confluence.

    2. Expand Your Lungs!

    Expand your lungs while you are in the plane

    Placing your hands upside down on the sides of your chest will facilitate the moves you make when expanding your lungs. As you inhale, all of the oxygen fills your chest, creating the feeling that the chest is pressing against your hands. As you exhale, your hands press against your chest which feels like the breath is being released; both exercises make the practise easier.

    3. Feel Your Shoulders!


    Place your hands on your shoulders as you breathe over the shoulder. Touch your shoulder joints and feel your hands press against your shoulders as you inhale and exhale.

    4. Relax!

    Side stretching with yoga

    When stretching towards the sides in an airplane, you should stretch to the right and left from your own body center. The balanced execution and repetition of the move to the right and left is advantageous when observing and comparing the force.

    5. Move Your Joints!

    Flexing joints with yoga moves

     During your flight, you can do some yoga poses related to the joints. You can relax by stretching your hands, fingers, wrists, and arms.

    6. Reduce Swellings!

    Yoga moves for the hands

     Moving your hands to your wrists and even your fingers can reduce swelling in your hands and transfer the tightness that has built up in your body. You can relax by rubbing each knuckle individually, outside in and inside out.

    7. Let Your Eyes Rest!

    Resting hands with yoga moves

     While stretching your hands to relax, you can do some moves to relax your eyes at the same time. Move your eyes in two directions by drawing an imaginary eight with your eyes. You can also follow your eyes with your hand with your thumb or forefinger and train your eye muscles.

    8. Stand Up!

    Yoga asanas

     You can do many yoga moves just by getting up from your seat. Yoga postures and positions known as Asana are ideal for a comfortable flight. Also, get up and walk down the hallway at appropriate times, especially on long flights.

    9. Strengthen Your Bones!

    Uçakta yoga hareketleri ile omuz ve sırt ağrısını hafifletme

    In another move while standing, you can strengthen your bones with light pressure. By bending your right elbow, touch the center of your upper back. Hold your right hand with your left hand and gently press each other. Switch your arms and repeat the move. This exercise will help you loosen up your shoulders, neck and back that have tightened during the flight.

    Yoga move on the plane are beneficial for you both mentally and physically. We are sure that you will have a comfortable travel experience with these move, especially on long-haul flights.

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