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    Guide to taking great photos in Rovaniemi

    The holiday of a lifetime awaits you in Rovaniemi. This winter wonderland feels like a fairytale, filled with moments you will want to capture and keep forever. Photographs that will remind you of the incredible moments you witnessed. However, we should note that it is almost impossible to take a photo with a mobile phone because the temperature drops to almost -20 degrees during the winter. Your phones won't stand the cold, and will probably freeze and lock, so always have a professional camera or action camera with you. Capture the perfect shots of the unforgettable Rovaniemi.

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    1. Capture the Northern Lights

    We are aware that taking photographs is no easy feat. The two main reasons being the cold weather and the technical difficulties you may face. Your phone may be insufficient and unable to capture the extraordinary sights. However, with a professional camera and a few simple techniques, you can record the glorious display of the Northern Lights. Firstly, purchase a camera, so you can share the incredible views on social media. Why not check camera alternatives on offer at Shop&Miles and pick one with your accumulated Miles. Some advice: Pack some spare batteries to ensure that you are all set for a long viewing and shooting of the Northern Lights.

    2. Take selfies on the Husky and Reindeer tours

    Every moment is worth capturing on the Husky and reindeer tours. Take pictures of the stunning views and take pictures with Santa’s trusty reindeer or huskies on the tour.

    3. Smile with Father Christmas

    The Father Christmas Village should be your first stop on your Rovaniemi winter holiday. The kids will be overjoyed. Take a photo with Father Christmas at this festive village filled with cheerful elves.

    4. Memorialize your trip to the Arctic

    Don’t forget to take pictures at the Father Christmas Village, and the magical Arctic Circle. As you cross the Arctic Circle line, you will feel far away from the rest of the world. Immortalize this special moment at the Tourist Information Office, where In exchange for a small sum, you can get a stamp that writes “This person crossed the Arctic Line at such and such a time.” you can suppress the written stamp and thus immortalize this moment.

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