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    The FIBA World Cup is coming: Support your team and fly to China!

    32 teams from different countries are participating in the 2019 FIBA World Cup in China on the 31 August - 15 September. Fly directly to Pekin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou or catch a codeshare flight to Wuhan, Shenzhen and Nanjing. Thousands are travelling from across the globe to support their teams China.

    In order to support your team and travel to China, take a look at the list we have compiled. Prepare a great plan for your trip and find our more information on the cities in which the tournament will take place.

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    1. Discover the Great Wall of China!

    Home to 3000 years of history, Pekin, has many interesting places to explore. Brimming with culture, Pekin is filled with temples, palaces, museums and natural beauty. The Great Wall is amongst the many places to visit. Discover the world’s longest defense Wall and the only structure on the face of the Earth that is visible from space. Another must-see spot is the Forbidden City, built between 1406-1420, adorned with palaces, courtyards and interesting structures. Make sure to also visit Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Wangfujing Street, Terracotta Museum, Donghuamen Night Market, Pekin Olympic Park, Drum Tower and the National Museum. The Temple of Heaven and Lama Temple are the most famous temples of Pekin.

    The Great Wall of China.

    2. The past and future combined!

    An old city bathed in history, Shanghai, reflects both the modern and traditional aspects of China. Visit A symbol of Shanghai, The Bund, where you can take a nice walk and admire the modern and historic buildings that lace the waterfront or take a boat tour on the Huangpu river. Xin Tian Di is a pleasant Street lined with traditional and modern buildings, galleries, cafes and restaurants. Those interested in the roots of China’s history can visit the Shanghai Museum and the Chinese Martial Arts Museum. Don’t for get to stop at a nearby cafe after your visit to the Shanghai Museum. Stop by Shanghai Old Street, where you can visit some Chinese restaurants and tea houses and the Green Buddha Temple, also known as the garden of happiness.

    shanghai skyline and modern city skyscrapers at night

    3. The capital of the South: Nanjing

    Explore the historic temples and mausoleums nestled amongst the most beautiful natural surroundings of China at Nanjing. Nanjing, meaning capital of the South, is home to the tomb of the father of Modern China and politician, Dr. Sun Yat Sen. Visit the Purple Mountain and walk or rent a bike to take in incredible natural beauty. Another attraction in Nanjing is the Zhonghua Gate, China’s largest castle-style city gate. Afterwards, head to Fuzioma, a place to that has shops filled with interesting souvenirs. Find out about the teachings of Confucianism at the Temple of Confucius. On your visit at Nanjing, make sure to stop by the Zifeng Tower, the world’s second tallest and China’s second tallest structure.

    Panorama of Nanjing City

    4. A city of technology: Shenzhen

    In recent years, Shenzhen, has become a world-leading city in the branch of technology. Visit the district of Huaqiangbei, home to tech companies and markets, in the Futian area to shop for electronics. Besides technology, Shenzen has a number of parks, museums, galleries, religious and historic structures for you to explore. Within the Nanshan, Futian, Luohu, Longgang, Pingshan, Longhua areas you can find: Sea World, Nanhai E-Cool, Nanshan Mountain, Windows of the World, Happy Valley Theme Park, OCT Eastern Tea Valley, Dongshan Monastery, Hong Fa Buddhist Temple, He Xiangning Art Museum and Shenzen Art Museum.

    Skyline of Shenzhen Bay and Buildings and Park

    5. The travel trend of younger generations: Wuhan

    Time flies in Wuhan, which is rapidly become one of the most exciting cities in China. Delicious food, interesting history, shopping, natural beauty and art, all in one at Wuhan. The must-see locations of Wuhan are: Happy Valley, Wuchang Rebellion Memorial, Gude Temple of Hankou, Jianghan Road, Mo Hill, Wuhan Botanical Garden, Hubu Alley, Chu River, Han Street, Yellow Crane Tower, Guiyuan Temple, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, East Lake, Hubei Museum

    Qingchuan Bridge in wuhan china

    6. A city that is home to ancient temples: Guangzhou

    Amongst the old and the new, Guangzhou, is a city that stretches back to 214 B.C. Prepare to be amazed by Guangzhou, as city that boasts ancient temples but also modern architrcture. Canton Tower, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Baiyun Mountain, Huaisheng Mosque, are other must-see locations in Guangzhou. We recommended that you visit Zhenhai Tower, Chen Clan Academy and Shamian Island. Chen Temple, Dafo Temple and the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees are the must-see temples.

    Baiyun Mountain Temple in Guangzhou China

    5 things to remember on your trip to China

    1. Take a photo of your address and phone!
    2. Learn Chinese traditions!
    3. Take a card with the name of your hotel, written in Chinese with you!
    4. Wake up early and see people practicing Tai Chi at parks and on the streets!
    5. Smile as they do!

    Useful Chinese phrases!

    Hello: 你好- Pronounced as: Nǐ hǎo
    Thank you: 谢谢 – Pronounced as: Xièxiè
    How much?: 多少钱?- Pronounced as: Duōshǎo qián?
    Taxi: 出租车- Pronounced as: Chūzū chē

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